4 Workouts Designed for New Moms
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4 Workouts Designed for New Moms

Having a child ought to be a joyous occasion, but women who are concerned with their health and appearance are often preoccupied with losing the excess weight they’ve gained over the course of their pregnancy. It’s natural to be a few pounds heavier after giving birth, but for new moms who are ready to get back in shape, there are exercises specifically designed to return them to their pre-pregnancy form and recover from the strain of giving birth. Here are six workouts that new moms can use to lose their baby weight quickly.

1. TVA and Pelvic Floor Blast

One thing that’s important to address in postnatal workouts is the temporary damage that giving birth does to your body. The pelvic floor and transverse abdominus are muscular tissues that help you push when giving birth to your baby. Pelvic floor and TVA exercises can repair your inner abdominal walls, which is an important step toward getting back in shape. You’ll want to start by tensing your pelvic floor muscles, as though you were preventing yourself from urinating, for 10 seconds. Do this in sets of 10. You can pair these contraction exercises with a set of mini-crunches, in which you lift your head slightly off the floor, engaging the TVA. Follow that with 10-15 reps of the “Superman” exercise-lay on your stomach, then lift your arms and legs off the ground in front and behind you for 3-5 seconds. This quick workout can get you started on strengthening your inner abs to get your figure back.

2. Baby Overhead Press

Part of the difficulty of getting in shape as a new mom is that you’ve got a baby to worry about. You can’t just leave your baby alone while you exercise. One way to avoid this problem and make working out more fun is to incorporate your baby into your workouts. Since most moms aren’t able to keep up with strength training during pregnancy, it’s important that they start regaining strength with low-impact exercises. This is one simple exercise that you can do to strengthen your upper and middle back, shoulders, and muscles in your arms including the triceps and biceps. While seated, hold your baby in front of you with your elbows bent. Then straighten your arms upward, pausing at the top, and lower your baby back down toward you. Three sets of 10 daily will help you start getting your strength back.

3. The Baby Plank

The plank is a basic ab exercise that you can incorporate your baby into. It works your transverse abdominus, that essential inner ab muscle we discussed earlier, as well as your rectus abdominus (the six-pack muscles), your internal and external obliques, your hips, and your back. All of these are important for getting your stomach flat and toned. Let your baby crawl on your stomach, then place your forearms under you. Lift your body up using your forearms and toes, while keeping your back as straight as possible. The added weight of your baby will make the exercise more strenuous. Hold the position for three seconds, then gently come back down. You can repeat this until you get tired.

4. Walking Lunges

This exercise works and tones the quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks and calves, all areas that don’t get much work if you’re sedentary during your pregnancy. You can do this one while holding your baby for some added weight. Start from a standing position, then take a giant step forward and bend both your knees to 90 degrees, keeping your leading knee over your ankle and letting your back knee get close to the floor. Pushing off the back leg, put your feet together and repeat on the other side.



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