How to Lose Weight and Get Paid for It
Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight and Get Paid for It

Everyone faces unique challenges when trying to get in shape and shed some pounds. Some of us have the difficulty of finding time to work out in a busy schedule, with kids or a nagging boss constantly demanding our attention when we’re trying to focus on exercising. Others have a metabolism that makes it tough to cut weight even on the strictest diet. But for the majority of people, the main obstacle between them and a slimmer, healthier body? Motivation. You’re your own worst enemy. Luckily, there are a series of new apps and programs that help you manufacture motivation even when you don’t have it naturally, by linking your progress with monetary incentives. Here are five ways to get paid for cutting weight.


Pact lets you set a number of different goals for fitness each week. With Pact, you can make a commitment to yourself to keep up a healthy habit, like running 30 minutes a day or preparing a healthy meal. You set your goals in the app, which you link with your Paypal account, and if you complete them each week, you’ll get a monetary reward. If you don’t, you’ll pay out a little bit as a penalty. The pool of money comes from everyone else who’s failed to keep their commitment that week, so it varies in size, but you can earn a substantial bit of money by consistently keeping your promise to yourself.


Sweatcoin is a new app that uses the hip language of cryptocurrency to encourage people to move! Every 1,000 steps earns you roughly 1 sweatcoin (or SWC in crypto parlance). You keep the app running at all times and it constantly monitors your movement. Once you’ve got a good amount of SWC, you can cash them in for awesome offers. The offers are constantly being updated, but mainstays include Amazon credits, airline miles, and online gift certificates—so you could buy groceries or a plane ticket just from running outside. Sweatcoin is available for Android and iOS.


Another app that lets you bet on yourself, HealthyWage can have significantly higher stakes than Pact. With over 750,000 users, there’s a big pool of money, especially because people can bet hundreds of dollars on their weight loss. While Pact lets you bet on your ability to keep up with healthy behaviors, HealthyWage is linked to your actual weight loss progress. Many users have reported that the prospect of losing their investment kept them going. And if you’re successful, you could be a lot thinner and richer by the end of your wager!


DietBet is similar to HealthyWage but with smaller stakes (the initial investment is between $10 and $100) but also emphasizes a personal component. You can bet with a group of friends, and trash talk each other as the deadline approaches, or work together as part of a team going against others. DietBet is a friendly, less stress-inducing alternative to HealthyWage, so if you’re frightened by the minimum $100 bet at HealthyWage this might be a better option.

If a financial incentive is what you need to help get your butt in gear, try out the apps above! You could lose weight quicker and earn money along the way.



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